Something odd about Ceroc !!

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Posted By: Bored Cerocer. 01/01/06 17:32
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I'm a single, straight guy who has been dancing Ceroc since 1997 and I've noticed something interesting about the dance recently. Has anyone else noticed too?

What is it ? Well, there seems to be now more men then women going to most venues!!

When I started the ratio was 3 women to 2 men and this ceated a good, friendly atmosphere. Now the ratio is almost 1 to 1 and I find a lot of the ladies at these venues much more pensive and unwilling to make conversation or go out on dates!

When I'm not dancing I look around a lot of these venues and I see many men just standing there looking for dancing partners! The women just dance and then go back to their hushbands/boyfriends. Where are all the single women ?? It seems that 90% of the women that go are either married or have partners and that 90% of the men are single and looking for partners.

I look at a lot of people's faces (men and women) at these venues and they seem bored and frustrated. Has Ceroc just become a venue for married women to come and flirt so as to wax their egos??

What has happened to Ceroc?? It was'nt loke that back a couple of years ago.




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