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Posted By: Sparkie 09/01/06 19:13
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In Reply To: Something odd about Ceroc !! Bored Cerocer. 01/01/06 17:32

I reckon it is due to the average age creeping up. It's a common problem and I've seen it many times and in many clubs, ofter resulting in the closure of the club or at least moving to a smaller lower cost venue, i.e. drop in numbers.

What an organiser needs to ask themselves is is the average age increasing, even gradually. If the answer is yes then they have a problem. As the age gets higher then the younger people are put off that makes the average age even higher, and so. Of course, the average age has its limits.

The problem is the older crowd tend to have a more fixed set of friends and are usually less likely to bring new people in. This can cause a dimise of the numbers.

The older crowd also drink less which can annoy the venue managers, particularly in licensed venues. The church hall/community centre can soon be the only type of place that is willing to host the night.

It's all bad news.

Salsa is a better bet. Often the middle age crowd just don't move fast enough to be able to dance it. Therefore, it tends to be a younger crowd. Make sure you head for a Salsa night that is hosted in a night club or bar.





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