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Posted By: Allen 23/10/08 12:03 Source ID: 01ac67f4-49057049
In Reply To: Jive/salsa clubs or classes in essex Lisa 22/10/08 09:18

Doeso anyone one know of any good jive clubs or salsa clubs or classes in essex?

Hi Lisa, there are Salsa lessons at The Officers Club in Colchester on a Monday eve (8pm to 10.30). It's a lovely venue with lots of friendly people:-

Also in Colchester on a Wednesday eve there are classes at the St John Ambulance hall. Turn off Eastgates and the hall is about halfway along Greenstead Road on the right hand side. Beginners 7pm. Improvers/Intermediate 8pm.

Modern Jive is in Chelmsford on a Tuesday eve (8pm to 11pm) at The Shire hall. Excellent venue with lot of friendly people.

Happy dancing, Allen





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