Found romance through dance, or lost weight?

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Posted By: Olivia Gordon 16/10/08 13:19 Source ID: b0adc1b8-023540f9


For Woman's Own magazine, I'm looking for women whose lives have been changed for the better by ballroom dancing, for a feature to tie in with the final of Strictly Come Dancing. We can mention any relevant organisations eg your website or individual clubs or teachers etc.

I'm looking for case studies where ballroom dancing helped a woman find romance - maybe she met her partner at a dance class, or found she had lots of dates after being lonely before?

A woman who lost weight and shaped up thanks to ballroom dancing, and..

A woman whose passion for dancing changed her career - maybe she left a job she didn't love to train as a dance teacher, or to perform?

Or did dancing improve her health, or bring confidence, luck or happiness in any other way?

They need to be aged 27-65 and happy to have their picture taken for the magazine and have a 20 minute phone interview next week (20-24 Oct) about how dancing changed their life. Also need not to have told their dancing story before.

Whether the dance is tango, salsa or waltzing, jiving, samba, rumba, foxtrot or the cha cha cha, or any other kind of ballroom dance, please let me know asap if you're interested.

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