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What I find is that not many jive dancers want to go to Salsa. Many of those that try it out don't like the music. Have taken quite a few Salsa friends to Jive and they pick it up quite easily when I help them out (I have an excellent lead, so I am often told) and most prefer the music. Likewise, I too prefer jive music and find that Salsa sounds too samey; at least that seems to be the case with Cuban style music - although to be fair I am not that good at understanding Salsa music. The majority of my Salsa partners tell me that I am good at keeping to the beat, but I do struggle sometimes.

If you are in Essex there is a good Ceroc evening on a Tues at The Shire Hall in Chelmsford which is very well attended - can hardly get on the dance floor.

As to your comment "Where are the teachers", that certainly seems to be the case with regard to Lindy Hop (my prefered style) in Essex. Would love to see some Lindy Hop (and Balboa/Collegiate Shag/West Coast Swing) going on in the Chelmsford/Colchester/Ipswich areas.

There is a good Rock & Roll afternoon in Chelmsford on some Sundays (see web-site and they do have an occaisional Fri evening gig with live bands.

Am looking for a good Jive Partner (female) if anyone is interested, especially if they also like doing Salsa (and Merengue/Batchata).




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