Learn to teach Modern Jive - new course starting in New Year

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Posted By: Cheryl Healy 29/12/06 15:13
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Do you want to become a jive teacher with a nationally recognised qualification?
Would you like to train with a professional instructor who has a 100% pass rate for her students?
Are you prepared to put in time and effort to develop a level of skill and knowledge that will equip you to teach confidently and consistently?
Training courses leading to the LeRoc teaching examination (ratified by the UKA - United Kingdom Alliance of Professional Dance Teachers) are starting in the New Year. Dates and times are by arrangement - either over a number of weekends or weekday courses. See and follow the link on the front page (near the bottom) to find out more.
When you have read the details and if this sounds just what you have been looking for then call Cheryl on 01992 627598 for an initial discussion.

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