Modern jive is not Salsa

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Posted By: Duncan Fitton 14/02/14 16:30 Source ID: 6cf57785-99fc186a

While googling the new salsa romcom Cuban Fury I found an advert from www. ceroc , the Modern Jive franchise, starting-: Learn Salsa Dance.........
Beginners reading this should be made aware that Ceroc, a form of Modern Jive is definitely not Salsa.. It is a synthetic, slowed, simplified version of rock and roll nowadays danced mainly ,in my experience, to cheesy pop tracks. It has ill-defined footwork. It does borrow some salsa armwork.
Salsa, of which there are several styles, is an authentic street dance performed to music underpinned by clave rhythms of Afro-Cuban origin. It has defined footwork. Anglos often find the polyrhythmic Latin music difficult to get into.
Both genres have their place, both are better than being a couch potato, but are distinct.





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