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Posted By: Angelique 06/05/13 15:15 Source ID: 803fc5be-2a5b446f

Salsa is putting together a timetable of day time classes and we hope to launch this head office pending in the coming summer. The downstairs dance floor will be let out by the hour during the day from 10am-4pm at around 20-25 an hour. Portable mirrors will be placed on the lower dance floor for a studio like enviroment. 3 months payment in advance will be required as we will also launch a timetable of these classes to encourage people to come along. I am co ordinating this. If you are interested please feel free to contact me at Salsa, I am there on a Monday 10am-6pm 0207 379 3277. For those of you that may not know Salsa it is a central London nightclub bar and restaurant situated between Leicester Sq and Tottenham Crt Rd tube stations (2 minutes walk from either) It has a large wooden floor suitable for dance classes or rehearsals . The advantage to fitness teachers of being in this space is that

1 Its centrally located
2 The venue will produce a time table to advertise your classes
3 300-500 people visit salsa every night the majority of whom are interested in dance and fitness
4 there will be portable mirrors
5 Its a large wooden dance floor

We are looking for young viberant happy teachers who are at the top of their profession. We are mainly looking for other types of partner dance and related fitness classes, such as swing, jive, rock and roll, ballroom, cha cha , tango, flamenco, belly dance, zumba etc as we feel these may interest our clientelle
Call Angelique 0207 379 3277 or 07939272732 for more info or to provisionally book a space

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